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Information about funeral homes

On this page, you will find the latest announcements of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services  and information about the funeral trade and the services of funeral homes.

Death in Finland

Approximately 50,000 people die in Finland annually, which is about 1% of the population. Statistics Finland publishes more precise information about mortality every spring. You can find out more about the proportional share of cremation and coffin burials from places such as the Finnish Cremation Foundation. In 2013, there were 51,472 deaths, which was slightly less than the year before.

General information about funeral homes and funeral home services

A funeral home’s commission

A funeral home is commissioned by next of kin who have lost someone close to them. If they want, they can order all services and products related to the funeral from the funeral home. Services produced by funeral homes themselves typically include the coffin, the urn (if necessary) and transportation of the deceased. Through a funeral home, you also have access to the services of other service providers, such as

  • Parish services – burial place, chapel, priest
  • Florist services – coffin ornament, flowers from the family, condolence flowers
  • Catering service – catering for the memorial service
  • Newspaper – obituaries
  • Printing press – invitations, handbills
  • Musicians – music for the funeral and memorial services
  • Headstone suppliers – headstone, carvings
  • Solicitors – estate inventory

The funeral home may also produce some of the aforementioned services themselves. A company may include a florist or catering company in addition to a funeral home, or the funeral home might be able to do estate inventories. Families may also order some of the services from the funeral home and handle the rest themselves.

Funeral costs

A funeral home’s share of one commission is 1,500 Euros on the average. This usually includes services and products produced by the funeral home itself: coffin, dressing up the deceased, urn, transportation and work and service directed at the deceased. Besides the funeral home bill, the total price of a single burial consists of other required things that funeral homes offer through their partners in addition to their own sales and services. Costs from the parish vary by region.

There are an estimated 500 funeral homes in Finland, of which about 300 are owned by member companies of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services. Almost all funeral homes are family businesses.

Funeral homes classified by service concept

Small rural funeral homes

The number of commissions may not be large, but the company is often also a florist and/or catering service in addition to being a funeral home. The company may also have other supporting business. Outside staff is often hired only during peak seasons; the rest of the time, companies rely on the efforts of family members.

Funeral homes in regional population centers

Usually 100-200 commissions per year. The funeral home often also includes a florist and possibly other services through partners. There are usually several hired employees, even though the company is still a family business.

Funeral homes in major cities

Usually over 150 commissions per year, possibly several hundred. These are usually pure funeral homes, possibly with their own floristry service. Many partner services.


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