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A trade association of Finnish funeral homes

We are a trade association of about 300 funeral homes. The Finnish Association of Funeral Services was founded in 1942, and its purpose is to foster Finnish funeral culture. We help develop our members’ professional skills and ethics and monitor and promote members’ shared interests. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or electronic form.

Finnish Association of Funeral Services

Uomatie 4
01600 VANTAA

Tel. 040 840 9002
Fax: 09 4540 0231


Executive board


Kyllikki Forsius

Kyllikki Forsius

Tel. 0500 540 775



Ilkka Ollonen, I vice chair

Tanja Runola, II vice chair

Jarmo Martikainen, Jussi Heinonen, Maria Keskimaunu, Sini Israel, Heli Lehtinen, Antti Vainikainen ja Ville-Pekka Jokela


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